Top Stylish Original Headphones for Music Lovers



    Music plays a vital role in our daily life as it becomes the most favorite spirit component to lessen stress from our daily work and other factors. Hence, the more society develops, the more technology innovates with a variety of headphone models for the music lovers to choose. Not only do headphones become convenient for entertainment but they are also designed to fit the consumers’ taste and style. Below is the collection of the most stylish and unique headphones available in the international market:



    Urbanears amazing styles of headphones are considered as types of accessories to help music listeners to get deeply involved with music tunes. To be specific, Urbanears headphones provides top quality form and function for ears at the affordable prices. One more thing, each model of this brand is named after a place in Stockholm and are sold in various appealing colors.


    Urbanears are available in 14 colors to match any style with such funny names as sallad, chocolate, ocean, and arm


    The Plattan model used for solo or with a friend includes mic and remote to run with most Nokia, BlackBerry, HTC units, as well as iPhones


    The Tanto, from the Walkman headphones of the ’80s, is suitable for retro style perfectly and features full ear coverage as keeping a low profile


    Monster Butterfly

    Monster Butterfly headphones have been designed by Vivienne Tam for acoustic instruments, classical music, violins, and so on. Alike the original Turbines, this model features less emphasis on bass but more emphasis on the mid-range, clarity and transparency, along with more attuned to acoustics and concertos with wind instruments.


    Monster Butterfly headphones will retail for $ 199 and will ship in April with 7 eartips


    Ultrasone Editon 10 Special Edition

    The Ultrasone Edition 10 special edition features S-Logic technology, MU Metal Bufferboard, an impedance of 32 Ohm, MU-Metal shielding (ULE technology), Zebrano wood ear cup inlays, and Ethiopian sheepskin leather ear cup pads. Moreover, each Edition 10 headphone is equipped with a hand crafted Zebrano wood headphone stand and is shipped in its private wooden box for safe storage and transportation.


    The Edition 10 headphones are sold with the suggested price of $ 2,749 and will be available at its own website and high-end audio retailers worldwide



    Oakley Split Thump Mp3 Sunglasses

    The Oakley Split THUMP sunglasses go with a built-in MP3 player and provide seven hours of play. Besides, these glasses include removable ear buds attached to the glasses themselves, while the player can be managed by means of buttons on the side of the frame.


    The glasses are made to be sweat-resistant, and the integrated MP3 player can download music directly from Mac or a PC


    H2O Audio Surge Wrap around Waterproof Headphones

    The Surge Headphones targets at standing up to the sweat and motion of fitness and sports fans as they’re also waterproof and touted by 16-time Olympic medal-winning swimmer Michael Phelps. In addition, this model offers a 100 percent waterproof design and a new “sheared” profile that gives users comfort with confidence that the earbuds won’t get in the way.


    Music is a key ingredient to every good workout, and water and sweat should never stop the music. With H2O Audio headphones and cases, your music plays on in water or any conditions for all your sports and fitness pursuits



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