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    Nigeria is a country located in west Africa with thirty six states and had her capital teretory pined in Abuja, one of her states. Nigeria has also been described as the richest and strongest in west Africa, if not Africa at large, owing to the availability of natural resources including the crude oil massively distributed in the riverine region of the country called “Niger Delta Region” located at the southern part of the country, which is also responsible for 80% of the country’s general incomes. The military strength of the country is also at its peak since her independence in 1960 and respected for this by its Africa brothers.

    But, the political leadership mission in Nigeria is the most dangerous expedition to be embarked on. Though the country land is characterised by all sort of calibers of people, but the idea of selecting reliable and trustworthy political leaders has been kept in the dark since the country had her independence in 1960 and became a republic in the year 1963. Nigeria, that’s been described as a country composed of many nations and tribes, is one of the most famous oil producing country in Africa and the globe at large and also had her military power fixed at its zenith, this has mutually rendered her the duty of international deplomacy among her counterpart on the Africa continent and this has also decorated her with the most flattering tittle “The Afirca Big Brother”.

    However, the country had considered it difficult to position herself in an admirable and favourable political leadership condition and atmosphere, owing to the horrible thought of buccaneering expedition that generally envelop the leadership thought of political elite of the country, which has eventually led to the existence of all sort of corruption in the black country and the continuous reproduction of corruptible political leaders through godfatherism on the land. This has also brought about the abandonment of some most important national problems unsolved.

    Observatorily, one of the most overwhelming existing cataclysm is that of the alarming case of militancy which was initially sprang up by the issue of resource control emanated from the oil producing region of the country called the “Niger Delta Region”. This has really threatened to remove the country’s head off its neck. Truly, one of the factors responsible for the arrival of militancy on the land is the inability of politicians to get hold of political power and office through legal means and the provision of the country’s constitution, leading politicians to adopt the use of: force, tugs, guns and other deadly means to acquire political power and offices, which also resulted to the regretful acts of assassination of prominent and indispensable states men who are major political contributors to the development and betterment of the Niger Delta Region and its peoples, and the country at large. Notable among others include: A.k Dikibo (National Chairman, People Democratic Party PDP), Chief Marshall Sokrari Harry (Gubernatorial Candidate and leader of All Nigeria People’s Party ANPP). Bola Ahmed Tinibu of Lagos State and other great leaders.

    Hostage taking and kidnapping of expatriates of oil companies in the Niger Delta Region by militants is another tool commonly used by politicians against openet who had gained gubernatorial or presidential seat, in the plan of rendering difficulties and bad names to incumbent government. However, the issue of militancy and kidnapping have been rotating on the national table since its birth waiting to be resolved. The one million question on every Nigerians lips is, can the issue of militancy, hostage taking and kidnapping be totally resolved in the Niger Delta Region? Well, since the catastrophe has become a growing mountain that can only be moved by a divine miracle, the settlement of it is better left in the hands God.

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