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    It is not essential to wait for a special occasion, like a birthday, an engagements party or a holyday, to give someone a present. You can give from your heart without looking for a special opportunity or an excuse. A gift from the holy land not only gives a blissful atmosphere, but also gives a feeling of calmness to life.

    A variety of holy land jewelry can fill that space perfectly. It is a beautiful reminder of the close person who gave it to you and its always with you, giving you that feeling of peace and it also decorates your appearance and makes you look good.

    Here is some of the Messianic jewelry:

    Silver Star of David this silver pendant can be on a necklace, a bracelet or even earrings. The traditions tell the story on King David who ordered to engrave the star on his shield, to help him fight the Lords wars. It has become the symbol of the Jewish people and you can see it on the synagogue in any country, and waving proudly on the Israeli flag. It is one of the most Pronounced symbols of the Jewish people till these times.
    Hebrew name necklace in Hebrew many names has a meaning and many of them are called after characters from the bible, and that is how the tradition continues. Some religious ceremonies require Hebrew names, for example: The Jewish marriage contract (ketubah) uses the Hebrew name and also Hebrew names are used in calling people to the Torah. Certain prayers, such as the memorial prayer or the prayer for the sick, use Hebrew names. Thats why a necklace with Hebrew name is a wonderful gift for a bar or bat mitzvah, a wedding gift or personal special gift for no reason. Name pendants can be custom made in 14k gold as well.

    Sterling Silver Messianic Pendant – The Messianic Star combines the David star and the cross and it symbolizes the harmony between the Jewish and Christian beliefs. This could come in deferent designs and sizes and can be combined with jam stones such as synthetic opal.

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