“beijing Fireworks Safety Management Provisions” – Fireworks Safety Regulations, Beijing,


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    Beijing Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee of the Bulletin (No. 39)
    “Fireworks in Beijing Firecracker Safety regulations “by the Beijing Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee of the Twelfth twenty-second session of September 9, 2005, is hereby released from December 1, 2005 shall come into force.

    Beijing Municipal People’s twelfth
    Assembly Standing Committee 2005 9 9 Beijing fireworks safety regulations (2005 9 9 Beijing Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee of the Twelfth twenty-second session)

    First fireworks in order to strengthen safety management, protection of national, collective property and of personal property, maintain social order, in accordance with relevant state laws and regulations, combined with the actual situation in the city, the enactment of this provision.

    Second production in the city administrative area, Sell , Storage, transportation, fireworks safety management provisions apply. Laws and regulations otherwise provided, shall apply.

    The provisions of Article III by the city government at all levels of the organization and implementation. Public security organs of fireworks safety management authorities.

    City, district and county should be established by the public security, industry and commerce administration, Safety Supervision and management, quality and technology supervision, transportation, municipal administration and urban management and other administrative departments of law enforcement organizations comprehensive fireworks safety management coordination mechanism, in accordance with the division of responsibilities, duties.

    Residents and villagers committees and other grassroots organizations should assist the city government at all levels do a good job of fireworks safety management.

    Fourth city governments at all levels, district offices and neighborhood committees, village committees and agencies, organizations, enterprises, institutions and other organizations, should be carried out according to law, culture, fireworks safety publicity Education Events.

    Primary and secondary school students should be civilized and safe discharge of fireworks education.
    Radio TV , Newspapers and other news media should do a good job of fireworks safety management, publicity and education work.

    Article municipal, district and county people’s government on reporting illegal production, sale, storage, transportation of fireworks will be awarded.

    Article villagers committee and owners of the Committee may convene a meeting of residents, village meetings and meeting of owners, on the discharge of fireworks in residential areas according to law, the development of conventions, and organizing and supervising their implementation. Residents, villagers and owners should comply with the Convention. Article VII of the city administrative area

    banning the production of fireworks. City on the sale, transportation of fireworks shall practice a licensing system.

    Article VIII sale of fireworks in the city shall obtain the safety management department permission, without permission, may not be sold and stored. Sales of storage space shall meet the requirements set security conditions.

    Article administrative area in the city transportation of fireworks, public security organs should be made of transport permits, without permission, not transportation.

    Carrier units transport of fireworks should carry permits, set forth in accordance with the approved type, quantity, route, duration of transport and other requirements.

    Article quality and technical supervision, public security, safety supervision and administration, industry and commerce administration department under the national fireworks safety and quality standards, determine the sales in the city, with the fireworks and firecrackers in the specifications and varieties, and made public.

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